Frontdesk - Visitor Management System

Gain precise insights into office visits—know who, when, and why. Instantly identify visitors not meeting entry criteria, contributing to a safe and vibrant work environment.

Why Frontdesk - Visitor Management System

Ensure the safety of your workforce and proficiently manage your visitors, regardless of scale, with our comprehensive and straightforward visitor management system. In these challenging times as we grapple with health and safety crises worldwide, it's essential to stay proactive and ready for the next phase of re-opening your offices. 

Our visitor management system isn't simply about registering and tracking visitors. It's much more - it's a tool that revolutionizes your ability to control who enters your premises and when, while also tying in efficient digital records management. This way, your access control becomes foolproof, reliable, and easy to monitor.

Get ahead of the curve and lay solid groundwork for a safe working environment, while maintaining a seamless and professional reception experience for your visitors. Let us help you navigate this terrain effortlessly with our advanced and COVID-ready visitor management system!

  • Enhanced Security & Access Control

    A VMS streamlines visitor registration, tracks visitor movement within the facility, and ensures only authorized individuals gain access to designated areas. This strengthens overall security and minimizes security risks.
  • Streamlined Reception Workflow

    The system automates visitor pre-registration, badge printing, and sign-in/out processes. This reduces wait times for visitors and frees up reception staff to focus on other tasks, improving operational efficiency.
  • Emergency Preparedness

    A VMS provides a real-time record of all visitors on-site, allowing for quick identification and location in case of emergencies. This enhances preparedness and facilitates evacuation procedures.
  • Professional First Impression

    A streamlined and efficient visitor experience portrays a professional image and reflects positively on your organization's brand.
  • Improved Visitor Experience

    By analyzing visitor data (frequency, purpose of visit), organizations can identify trends and optimize visitor flow. This can inform future security protocols and improve the overall visitor experience.

Key Functionalities

Explore the standout functionalities that set our product apart. Dive into the features that make our solution unique and indispensable for your needs.

Analytics and reporting

Get insight into visitor volume, who hosts visitors and more. Export data in a few clicks.

Analytics and reporting

Invite Only Registration

Disable public registration and easily invite front desk administrator to signup

Invite Only Registration

Sign In Visitors

Use the app to sign in visitors when they arrive.

Sign In Visitors

Sign Out Visitos

Easily sign out visitors with just a click

Sign Out Visitos

Employee Management

Manage employee details and add employee with their designation as hosts.

Employee Management

Built with the TALL Stack

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Tailwind CSS

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Alpine.js is a pretty powerful front-end library that allows users to write responsive interfaces in declarative mode.


Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework that provides a set of tools and resources to build modern PHP applications.


Livewire is a full-stack framework for Laravel that enables a developer to build a dynamic interface that is less complex within the Laravel.

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