Refdesk - Automated Reference Checking Software (SaaS)

Empower your team to collect references faster and make decisions using better informed data on your prospective candidates.

A flexible, user-friendly, web-based solution that automates the reference check

Key Features of Refdesk - Automated Reference Checking Software (SaaS)

Multiple Organizations

Manage multiple organizations with one account. Easily switch from one organization to another to send references.

Build Multiple Organizations using Filament PHP

Manage Employees

Manage references from one location. You can easily resend, delete and view references sent

Build Manage Employees using Filament PHP

Reference Templates

Create custom reference questions or use existing templates to quickly send your reference

Build Reference Templates using Filament PHP

Built with the TALL Stack

FilamentPHP is a robust and customizable multiple panels, internal tools & dashboard builder, built on Laravel, that simplifies the development of internal apps with stunning user interfaces.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a large set of CSS utility classes that helps you to apply styling quickly and implement custom design with ease.


Alpine.js is a pretty powerful front-end library that allows users to write responsive interfaces in declarative mode.


Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework that provides a set of tools and resources to build modern PHP applications.


Livewire is a full-stack framework for Laravel that enables a developer to build a dynamic interface that is less complex within the Laravel.

Refdesk - Automated Reference Checking Software (SaaS)