Refdesk - Automated Reference Checking Software (SaaS)

Automated Reference Checking Software for modern organizations accelerates the hiring process by automating reference collection and verification, ensuring accurate and timely candidate assessments.

Why Refdesk - Automated Reference Checking Software (SaaS)

Automated Reference Checking Software for modern organizations accelerates the hiring process by automating the collection and verification of candidate references, ensuring accurate and timely assessments. This software reduces the manual effort involved in reaching out to referees by sending automated surveys and reminders, compiling their responses into detailed reports. It enhances the reliability of reference checks by standardizing the process and minimizing human error. Additionally, it provides valuable insights quickly, helping HR teams make better hiring decisions, improve candidate experience, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Increased Efficiency & Reduced Costs

    Automating repetitive tasks like sending reference requests, collecting responses, and scheduling follow-up interviews frees up HR professionals' valuable time. This allows them to focus on more strategic aspects of the hiring process, leading to significant cost and time savings.
  • Improved Accuracy & Reduced Bias

    Automated systems eliminate human error in data entry and transcription. Additionally, by prompting references with consistent questions and utilizing standardized evaluation criteria, the software minimizes potential bias based on subjective interpretations during the reference checking process.
  • Faster Hiring Decisions

    Reference checks are often a bottleneck in the hiring process. Automated software expedites the process by streamlining communication with references and delivering faster results. This allows organizations to make quicker hiring decisions and potentially secure top talent before competitors.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience

    A smooth and efficient reference check process reflects positively on the organization and improves the candidate experience. Automated software ensures timely communication and avoids delays, leaving a positive impression on potential hires.
  • Streamlined Workflows

    Automating reference checks simplifies administrative tasks for HR teams, minimizing manual paperwork and data entry. This streamlines workflows and frees up valuable time for HR professionals to focus on other crucial aspects of talent acquisition.

Key Functionalities

Explore the standout functionalities that set our product apart. Dive into the features that make our solution unique and indispensable for your needs.

Multiple Organizations

Manage multiple organizations with one account. Easily switch from one organization to another to send references.

Multiple Organizations

Manage Employees

Manage references from one location. You can easily resend, delete and view references sent

Manage Employees

Reference Templates

Create custom reference questions or use existing templates to quickly send your reference

Reference Templates

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